Lyra Sky’s Monologue- Favorites vol.107

Happy Birthday 🎊 I celebrated with my Keanu John Wick Reeves for (real) Keanu Reeves’ birthday at my home 🎂 Please release “Bill & Ted Face The Music as roadshow in Japan,too〜 because it’s been released in USA last week, It’s SF #comedy contains a lot of fun musibs! 31 years after that, SF comedy where two stupid people do slapstick comedy related to music🚀
Awesome 🤘🏻It’s made for us,isn’t it? 😻

#BillandTedFaceTheMusic  #BillAndTed  #KeanuReeves #happybirthday #これを見た人はベストツーショットを貼ろう

“Lyra Sky’s Monologue- Favorites vol.107” の続きを読む

Lyra Sky’s Monologue-Favorites vol.61

Lyra Sky is…

living with being gathered around by “Mushrooms”.


I remembered Brian Jones when I knew this Mashrooms of result.           I love Brian Joners.


Lyra’s been writing about Brian Jones 話 → 【I Wanna Be Your Man】 Rolling Stones 和訳 解説 Brian Jones’ Birthday! ブライアン・ジョーンズについて

#brianjones #therollingstones


“Lyra Sky’s Monologue-Favorites vol.61” の続きを読む

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