Lyra Sky’s Monologue- Favorites vol.131

Too hot! Daytime I was walking around and powering down. #Famima #CaramelBrulee Tailored Baum I got.✌🏻 Sugar jerky & custarm cream goes well ⤴️ It’s cold every night, so I wore a schott coat and sweater, so I died in the heat 🤣 The coat is so heavy, it’s no good 🙅‍♀️ Power up with sweets + good guy photos 💕

I wanna be friend with people who’re sweet lovers.

#riverphoenix #sweets #スイーツ好きな人と繋がりたい #schott #sneakers #coffeebreak #coffeelover #skater #sweet #sweetslover #custard #blackjeans #custardcream #love #myfavorite #favoriteactor


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Lyra Sky’s Monologue -Favorites vol.89

Cooked clam chowder because too cold today! I love blackpepper. sprinkled it with parsley. put white meats, spinaches, welsh onions and tomato sauce in a pan and add to consommé and syoyu for seasoning. and pancake! I regretted to choose big pan. might have using small one. 😆 But these’re so soft pancake that I cooked.I made it burn one during calling with a my friend.🤣
#夕飯 #貴方が何オタクで誰推しか当てる #dinner #常田大希 #料理


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Lyra Sky’s Monologue-Favorites84

I went to Snoopy Museum in tokyo with my friends today. We stood a line for a hour waiting to buy today’s tickets. Lo〜ng time! The museum has 3 flours. You can know Charles Monroe Schulz’s life & Snoopy’s history. Cute running around Snoopy’s animationes movies’ re waiting for you. You can enjoy to read his comincs & picturebooks & exhibitions in relax. So It might be better to go to the museum when you have a plenty of times. I took pictures with so big Snoopy statures in the museum.💕

#CharlesMonroeSchulz #snoopy


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