Lyra Sky’s Monologue- Favorites vol.149


you know what~ The drama I saw at the end of the year before last and the tv seriese that I saw it last spring, but I haven’t uploaded it as I wrote it on my blog. Because the tv series’stories’re too long ~ 🤣 one that I watched in 2019 has Season 4 , Too Long ~! the another one that I was addicted to what I saw last year, I bought the Blu-ray But the story is very dangerous In doubt Prophecy of the present world now. If you are me, would you like to post it now?

Vincent Gallo is only in the mood now #vincentgalo


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“Lyra Sky’s Monologue- Favorites vol.149” の続きを読む

【Cornerstone/ Arctic Monkeys】和訳 現実的な夢想家 Realistic Songwriter’s Dreaming




Garage Rock然としていた(The Strokesぽいとも言う) デビュー時から少しずつ変化して来た頃の、この危うさが良かったのかも。

今日は衝動的な力強さも、ミドル・テンポの色気も両方持っていたArctic Monkeyの不思議なラブソングを和訳しちゃいましょう!

“【Cornerstone/ Arctic Monkeys】和訳 現実的な夢想家 Realistic Songwriter’s Dreaming” の続きを読む