Lyra Sky’s Monologue – Favorites vol.48

American Horror Story’s different the pause of a season, so you don’t have to watch from first episode of season 1 definitely.

American Horror Storyは各シーズン毎に話が違うから昔のを見ていなくても十分楽しめるよ!

*【アメリカホラーストーリー8 黙示録】第1話 ネタバレ感想あらすじ 「あの人がゲスト出演!」American Horror Story8-1


If You think AHS’s fun when you read Lyra’s Blog about AHS, it’s better to watch AHS season8 at the first.

and then you can choose to watch any season as you like!

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Lyra Sky’s Monologue – Favorites vol.43

Lyra Skyさんの通常とキレた時の戦闘力を計測します


measuring result of Lyra Sky’s Ordinary Condition & Losing Lyra’s temper.

usual earthling’s power is 5.


Lyra Skyさんの通常の戦闘力:1

usual→ 1

Lyra Skyさんがキレた時の戦闘力:10兆

Losing Lyra’s temper → 10000000000000




yeah. I’m weak ordinary, help me.

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“Lyra Sky’s Monologue – Favorites vol.43” の続きを読む