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I went to Snoopy Museum in tokyo with my friends today. We stood a line for a hour waiting to buy today’s tickets. Lo〜ng time! The museum has 3 flours. You can know Charles Monroe Schulz’s life & Snoopy’s history. Cute running around Snoopy’s animationes movies’ re waiting for you. You can enjoy to read his comincs & picturebooks & exhibitions in relax. So It might be better to go to the museum when you have a plenty of times. I took pictures with so big Snoopy statures in the museum.💕

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Lyra Sky’s Monologue – Favorites vol.50

【Layla / Elic Clapton: Derek & the Dominos】和訳 解説 Laylaの真実for Lyra’s Birthday!

【Layla / Elic Clapton: Derek & the Dominos】和訳 解説 Laylaの真実 for Lyra’s Birthday!!

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April .29.2019.

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【Sex And The City 2 】あらすじ感想。ダメだこりゃ!セックスアンドザシティー3製作に不穏な影!イタすぎる女達




違った意味で、、、。 “【Sex And The City 2 】あらすじ感想。ダメだこりゃ!セックスアンドザシティー3製作に不穏な影!イタすぎる女達” の続きを読む