Oasis【Bring It On Down】和訳 労働者階級の叫び Working Class Shouts


Happy Birthday Liam Gallagher‼️

今日はLiam のバースデイなので、Liamの声が最高な曲を解説してお祝いしましょう。




“Oasis【Bring It On Down】和訳 労働者階級の叫び Working Class Shouts” の続きを読む

和訳【Up In The Sky/Oasis】解説 Get The Sun

Happy New Year! May this be a happy and fruitful year.

Thank you for all of your help last year. I’m lookin’forward to enjoy musics,movies & something to have fun!

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?

I wish I’ll get my big success and having happiness with lovable people.

and I hope you come to see & talk with me everyday as you like!

Have  fun!

today’s my tune is my favorite band this!


“和訳【Up In The Sky/Oasis】解説 Get The Sun” の続きを読む