Lyra Sky’s Monologue- Favorites vol.90

1st picture is very poor Snoopy I drew it on my memo pad. and 2nd one’s divination of pc.It’s difficult free hand on PC.

I wanted to draw grinding Snoopy with opening his eyes widely.But I couldn’t use pen of PC as well.and I’ve not painted picture recently,so I can’t move my hand as I like before. I think I should paint picture everyday.🙅‍♀️

Test result → 91点
This is real Snoopy!

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Lyra Sky’s Monologue-Favorites vol.75

Post your wall paper now when you look at this! (tag)

what happened?
little to the right,ha?
right’s alight mydear.

I don’t know but this my iphone seems to be bugging & moving to right side.


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和訳【Go Your Own Way/Fleetwood Mac】解説 泥沼恋愛の行く末 Morass& Triumph

大好きなVocalist、Stevie Nicks スティーヴィー ・ニックス。

彼女のことは LyraのBlogで何回も書いて来たし、Fleetwood Macの曲も何曲も和訳したり(→【Gold Dust Woman/ Fleetwood Mac】解説 Rock’n’Roll Life ロックな人生)してきた。


中にはOld Rockの部類に入れたい人もいるだろう。






“和訳【Go Your Own Way/Fleetwood Mac】解説 泥沼恋愛の行く末 Morass& Triumph” の続きを読む