HIM【Wicked Game】和訳 Chris Isaakより燃焼力UP! Addicted to Love


昨日の今日、これ上げちゃうってことは、Lyraの中で又Jim Morrison Festivalが始まったんかも〜(笑)。なんてね。



昨日のIan Astbury の時にLyraは「魔界に魅せられたようなもの」と書いたけど、この人もその1人だと思う。Ville の歌い方は「Jimが好きなんだなあ」と言うのがわかるし、あの雰囲気が完璧にある。



彼自体が魔界かも、The Doorsの影響ある無し関係なく。

だって今日Lyraが選曲したこの曲を聴いてみて〜。随分前にこのブログで取り上げたChris Isaak の【Wicked Game】がこんな感じになっちゃってるよ。

Chris Isaak / Wicked Game 和訳 Seek & Water! 水をやるが如く



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Lyra Sky’s Monologue-Favorites84

I went to Snoopy Museum in tokyo with my friends today. We stood a line for a hour waiting to buy today’s tickets. Lo〜ng time! The museum has 3 flours. You can know Charles Monroe Schulz’s life & Snoopy’s history. Cute running around Snoopy’s animationes movies’ re waiting for you. You can enjoy to read his comincs & picturebooks & exhibitions in relax. So It might be better to go to the museum when you have a plenty of times. I took pictures with so big Snoopy statures in the museum.💕

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Lyra Sky’s Monologue-Favorites vol.75

Post your wall paper now when you look at this! (tag)

what happened?
little to the right,ha?
right’s alight mydear.

I don’t know but this my iphone seems to be bugging & moving to right side.


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“Lyra Sky’s Monologue-Favorites vol.75” の続きを読む