【Iggy Pop and The Stooges/ Search And Destroy】和訳 パンク精神はアート! Most-Seminal Art 解説

You’re the living proof of that age is just a number! Stay cool & powerful as has been the way until now.Happy Birthday Iggy!

今年も又このHappy Weekが始まったわ。

Iggy Popのバースデイを皮切りに好きなアーティストのお誕生日が立て続けに来るこの時期が来た。

Iggy Popのお祝いならば、彼の人気曲を選ぼう!と言うのが常だが、ここLyraのブログではIggyらしさ、Iggyの魅力が詰まっている曲にしたい。

だって売れ線よりも、断然初期Iggy & The Stooges時代の方が、Iggy が輝いているからだ。


時代によって服装や歌い方、キャラまで変わって行ったが、このアルバムの頃が個人的に1番”Raw Power”だったと思う。


Punks 好きは、絶対に外せないこの曲でIggy Popの誕生日をお祝いをしようよ!

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【Nevermind/ Red Hot Chili Peppers】和訳解説 Hillel Slovak Forever!!

Happy Birthday Hilel Slovak! You’re genius guitarist and funny warm guy always. May your birthday be as extraordinary as you are!

毎年 Hillel Slovak のバースデイは、彼のギターが格好良い曲を選んで和訳&解説しちゃいます。



まあマイナーと言っても今日選んだ曲は、Red Hot Chili Peppersのライブ好きのファンには良く知られている曲。



「俺たちに注目しろ!」「俺たちがRed Hot Chili Peppersだ!」って勢いと蒼い彼らの熱気がビンビン伝わって来る〜。


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Lyra Sky’s Monologue- Favorites vol.134


#10 years after the Great East Japan Earthquake
When an earthquake hits, I was going down the stairs,it shook up, down, left and right My body still remembers that, I couldn’t walk.
When the days of power outages continue, Radios’re the only lifeline for information.It’s cold and we wore blankets like a tent and light up flashlights & candles. I prefer cherish someone’s life to advance civilization with nuclears.
Don’t forget that day forever.

#It has passed 10 years ever since

#あれから10年 #thegreateastjapanearthquake #earthquake #dise #disaster #naturalhazard #hazard #sadness #dontforget #protectus #lyrasky


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Lyra Sky’s Monologue- Favorites vol.133

*LIVE→ qosa-grastonberry-fav133

I am going to cry.Recently, I fell in love with Dave Grohl’s drums again, so I recomended to watch Dave’s live video to my friend because he didn’t know Dave. he asked me Dave’s former band so I told him that he’s a Nirvana’s drums. then I was cut off by his saying, “Then he’s not good at it.” I was shocked to hear it. For the time being, his drums are amazing, so he’s been asked to hit QOTSA and so on. and Dave’s band Foo Fighters is also the most popular in the US. but I’m down now. Dave’s so amazing drummer. why can’t he understand my fav drummer’s great? and I don’t know why am I his friend?. I’m gonna die maybe.


👠【Queens Of The Stone Age/ No One Knows 】和訳 Josh Hommeの魅力 Josh’s Appeal Shake Appeal 解説


#davegrohl #nirvana #foofighters #myfavorite #drummer #guitarist #vocalist #queensofthestoneage #grungerock #grunger #live #awesome #amazing #power #sosad #die #shock



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