Lyra Sky’s Monologue- Favorites vol.101

I watched tv and Lisa the TVprogram’s guest told “It’s so good a man get a tattoo name of a girl he loves ” to the guy’s going to win a woman’s heart in approach race.
I think so,too.truly , I think it’s romantic.
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リヴァー・フェニックスのバンド 和訳【Aleka’s Attic/ In The Corner Dunce】River Phoenix’s Band

I’ve remembered River when today’s day comes every year.

People in this world, especially damn adults only in Tokyo are goin’on a spree today’s Halloween.

But Lyra & Movie’s Fan know about Him are prayin’ River’s restin’ in peace all day today,maybe.

So I’d like to translate River’s Band Aleka’s Attic’s tune & write about His Band.

maybe I’m gonng want writein’ about Rive himself…( I don’t wanna long sentence tonight.)

I can feel River’s soul& heartache yet.

今夜のLyraはRiver Phoenixを偲び彼の事&彼のバンドの和訳と解説するよ。

“リヴァー・フェニックスのバンド 和訳【Aleka’s Attic/ In The Corner Dunce】River Phoenix’s Band” の続きを読む

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