Lyra Sky’s Monologue -Favorites vol.89

Cooked clam chowder because too cold today! I love blackpepper. sprinkled it with parsley. put white meats, spinaches, welsh onions and tomato sauce in a pan and add to consommé and syoyu for seasoning. and pancake! I regretted to choose big pan. might have using small one. 😆 But these’re so soft pancake that I cooked.I made it burn one during calling with a my friend.🤣
#夕飯 #貴方が何オタクで誰推しか当てる #dinner #常田大希 #料理


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和訳【Fight Like a Brave/ Red Hot Chili Peppers】解説 Hillel Slovakについて Happy Birthday Hillel Slovak!

Happy birthday, Hillel Slovak! You and your musics with your guitar sounds make my everyday so special. With Love. Please have fun times in heaven!

今日はHillel Slovak のお誕生日(April,13,1962) を祝って、彼の熱いギターが聴ける曲を和訳しちゃお。


George Clintonと一緒にプレイしたって引けを取らないファンキーなギターが彼の持ち味で、おまけにHotなギタリスト、Jimi Hendrixのロックサウンドも弾きまくるHillelは天才ギタリストの1人だった。



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Lyra Sky’s Monologue-Favorites84

I went to Snoopy Museum in tokyo with my friends today. We stood a line for a hour waiting to buy today’s tickets. Lo〜ng time! The museum has 3 flours. You can know Charles Monroe Schulz’s life & Snoopy’s history. Cute running around Snoopy’s animationes movies’ re waiting for you. You can enjoy to read his comincs & picturebooks & exhibitions in relax. So It might be better to go to the museum when you have a plenty of times. I took pictures with so big Snoopy statures in the museum.💕

#CharlesMonroeSchulz #snoopy


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Lyra Sky’s Monologue -Favorites vol.82

Your voice ranking (game result) is

【Legand’s revel】
【Neat and Clean】
【Destroyer】⇦Lyra Skyの声
#RedHotChiliPeppers #johnfrusciante #chadsmith #flea #anthonykiedis #好きなヒゲ男を貼る #髭男研究家


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