Lyra Sky’s Monologue- Favorites vol.146

Put Shot into the Grande of Espresso Afoguard Frappuccino at Starbucks now. Sweetness tightening 🙆‍♀️ Sweaty walking around under the scorching sun . But wherever I go,people stare at me always.That’s why I’m used to it In the old days, I was worried about wanting to be normal and made it inconspicuous, but in the end it is the same. It ’s painful and if you hold it down, you ’re not yourself. So. I’m not myself if acting ordinary person.

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Lyra Sky’s Monologue- Favorites vol.133

*LIVE→ qosa-grastonberry-fav133

I am going to cry.Recently, I fell in love with Dave Grohl’s drums again, so I recomended to watch Dave’s live video to my friend because he didn’t know Dave. he asked me Dave’s former band so I told him that he’s a Nirvana’s drums. then I was cut off by his saying, “Then he’s not good at it.” I was shocked to hear it. For the time being, his drums are amazing, so he’s been asked to hit QOTSA and so on. and Dave’s band Foo Fighters is also the most popular in the US. but I’m down now. Dave’s so amazing drummer. why can’t he understand my fav drummer’s great? and I don’t know why am I his friend?. I’m gonna die maybe.


👠【Queens Of The Stone Age/ No One Knows 】和訳 Josh Hommeの魅力 Josh’s Appeal Shake Appeal 解説


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Lyra Sky’s Monologue- Favorite vol.128


Post your favorite guitarist silently when you watch this!

Lyra’s favorite guitarist’s Jimi Hendrix.

Someone who saw it silently gives a favorite guitarlist. I have a lot of favorite guitarists, but the one that comes to the forefront is Jimi. Not just a talented guitar player Was also an innovative guitar developer. Because Jimi was there, there is now Rock music. A genius who takes me to such a deep place❤️

【Jimi Hendrix / Little Wing】 和訳 Lotta Love of Lonelyboy 寂しがり屋の僕ちん



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