Lyra Sky’s Monologue -Favorites vol.89

Cooked clam chowder because too cold today! I love blackpepper. sprinkled it with parsley. put white meats, spinaches, welsh onions and tomato sauce in a pan and add to consommé and syoyu for seasoning. and pancake! I regretted to choose big pan. might have using small one. 😆 But these’re so soft pancake that I cooked.I made it burn one during calling with a my friend.🤣
#夕飯 #貴方が何オタクで誰推しか当てる #dinner #常田大希 #料理


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和訳【MC5/ Kick Out The Jams】解説 MC5とは? Kick Ass!



気分的には、昨日和訳した【Scary Love/The Neighbourhood】(→ Your Love is Therapy 貴方は癒し)みたいなメロメロなLove Songが聞きたいの。


I wanna kick’em out!

“和訳【MC5/ Kick Out The Jams】解説 MC5とは? Kick Ass!” の続きを読む