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I am going to cry.Recently, I fell in love with Dave Grohl’s drums again, so I recomended to watch Dave’s live video to my friend because he didn’t know Dave. he asked me Dave’s former band so I told him that he’s a Nirvana’s drums. then I was cut off by his saying, “Then he’s not good at it.” I was shocked to hear it. For the time being, his drums are amazing, so he’s been asked to hit QOTSA and so on. and Dave’s band Foo Fighters is also the most popular in the US. but I’m down now. Dave’s so amazing drummer. why can’t he understand my fav drummer’s great? and I don’t know why am I his friend?. I’m gonna die maybe.


👠【Queens Of The Stone Age/ No One Knows 】和訳 Josh Hommeの魅力 Josh’s Appeal Shake Appeal 解説


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和訳【I Remember You】Skid Row 「Sebastian Bachについて」Unique Vocalist


Happy birthday to Sebastian Bach I wish you happy and healthy forever〜 ♪

4月3日はSebastian Bachのバースデイ。


あのパワフルなハイトーン・ヴォイスは今も健在で、それが魅力のヴォーカリストだけど、当時の写真を見たら、巨人の身長にあの甘いマスクに、金髪ヘアが、Skid Rowを大人気バンドにした要因だと思う。



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Skid Row / Youth Gone Wild 和訳 解説 Funny & Dark Past 歴史あり

Rachel Bolan, Happy Birthday !!

You’ve been so cool, hope you enjoy beautiful year & Stay cool!

2月9日は、Rachel Bolan レイチェル・ボランのお誕生日。



尚 Gary Moore は、いないからね〜。

(あっちのSkid Rowじゃないよってこと。)

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