Lyra Sky’s Monologue- Favorites vol.104

4 My favorite Japanese bands are …

thee michelke gun elephant,

blankey jet city,


the roosters.

There are a lot of bands that I’ve been chasing after, my favorite really bands’re them. Especially thee michelle gun elephant’s special band, when I’ve gone to their councerts I was burnt out by their good tunes and then I saw a white world💕

Please tell me 4 best your favorite Japanese bands?






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和訳【Thirty Days】Chuck Berry 解説 危ないあの子にホの字 Roostersカバーもね!

Your tunes always make me dancing, Chuck Berry! I feel that I don’t have to count the years & count the wishes during listening to yours! Thanks for letting us feeling yours, Chuck.




Sexyな曲が大得意なLyraだけど、変態・危険な歌詞もLyra に、お・ま・か・せ!


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Lyra Sky’s Monologue – Favorites vol.79

Today’s dinner I cooked ‘s ratatouille for main menu. and addition I grilled chicken with skins by garlic,salt & black pepper, then pouring welsh onions.

I made ratatouille by tomato can. and used potatos, carrots, mashrooms, boneless chicken legs, brown beech mashrooms.

I wanna drink this soup and put into much watcher. and added boiled spinaches yesterday into soup. Let’s eat! 💕

#夕飯 #ラタトゥイユ だお

#ratatouille #Dinner #料理 #料理好き #料理記録 #Recipe


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イギーポップ “Shake Appeal” 和訳 生きる力!血湧き肉躍る Iggy Pop & The Stooges Lyrics

A Happy New Year!

Let’s make this new year a great one!


前にIggy Pop & The Stooges “Raw Power”のIggy Pop RemixとDavid Bowieのレガシーエディションの比較をして「長〜くなっちゃったから1番好きな曲は後日…」と言ったお約束を今日果たしまする。


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