【Cream/ Tales Of Brave Ulysses】和訳 ギリシア神話か現実か?愛に溺れる Drowner of Love

Happy Birthday Ginger Baker! I wish you an outstanding and fabulous birthday my friend, I think you met many rock’n’roll friends at there!

今日8月19日は Ginger Bakerのバースデイ!

今日はお祝いを兼ねて、Ginger BakerのいたCreamの曲の中から、Lyraが「セクシーで夏っぽいなあ」と思う曲をお届けします〜。







“【Cream/ Tales Of Brave Ulysses】和訳 ギリシア神話か現実か?愛に溺れる Drowner of Love” の続きを読む

和訳【Strange Brew/ Cream】MV クリームの良さは、化学反応 Chemical Reaction

今日7月16日は、大好きなGinger Bakerがいたロックバンド Cream の結成されたと言われている記念すべき日。1966年7月16日に生まれたのだ。







“和訳【Strange Brew/ Cream】MV クリームの良さは、化学反応 Chemical Reaction” の続きを読む

Lyra Sky’s Monologue-Favorites vol.73

My exes’ve presented me love songs.
These’ve been my treasure now as same as before.
I talked about love and shooting a breeze with my friend today.
She knows about my ex BFes’ love songs.
She said that she doesnt’ like BF behavior of giving lovesongs for his GF.
I said why & she answerd “it’s so puke” , wow.
Besides she thinks tattooing lover’s name is scary thing.
If it’s so scared, a few my exes can work at haunted house certainly. yeah.
I know these opinions’re so normal. She doesn’t like Rock music, that could be a factor.
maybe almost girles say same things.
maybe I’m a Rare Spieces in this modern age.
I wonder if there’re more women love BF’s love song like me, this world will be happy.

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“Lyra Sky’s Monologue-Favorites vol.73” の続きを読む

ジンジャー・ベイカー死去、和訳【White Room/ Cream】Ginger Baker R.I.P.

I’m sorry to hear a bout Ginger Baker’s Passing. Please accept my deepest condolences to his family.

My thought are with you, Ginger. You’re a great man and genius powerful drummer in this world. Please play the drums freely with your old friends at there.

In my deepest sympathy…

つい先日「Ginger Baker’s Alive is R&R! 」と書いたけれど、ジンジャー・ベイカーが今朝、亡くなった。


“ジンジャー・ベイカー死去、和訳【White Room/ Cream】Ginger Baker R.I.P.” の続きを読む

和訳【Spoonful/ Cream】Ginger Baker’s Alive is R&R! ジンジャー・ベイカーが生きていることがロック

I love this Ginger’s Back!

Please Rise above this diffictlties & Overcome your disease, Ginger!

Wish you become well, show us your super cool drumming play again!

Ginger Backer’s been My favorite drummer.

He’s critical condition since 26th and now he came to today!

He’s been in the hospital now.

I hope He become well soon. so I’ll translate this tune we can listen to his cool drums with my wish.

Ginger 早く良くなってね!


“和訳【Spoonful/ Cream】Ginger Baker’s Alive is R&R! ジンジャー・ベイカーが生きていることがロック” の続きを読む