Lyra Sky’s Monologue- Favorites vol.152

I’ve been watching the skateboarding Olympics since this morning (I can’t use the wifi outside) Yabe 〜 means too sick. bad ass! ~ Commentary by Ryo Sejiri, with a new sense of commentary Oni Yaba Issu 💕


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Lyra Sky’s Monologue- Favorites vol.148

I cooked very tasty Mapo Tofu and Chicken spareribs for dinner tonight😝 I always cooked super spicy, but today it ’s usually dry. Spicy mild green onion crispy matches this hot. I made Sesame oil less and Japanese pepper black pepper more! Eat the salad with potato salad I made (I forgot the photo) Enjoy 💕

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Lyra Sky’s Monologue- Favorites vol.146

Put Shot into the Grande of Espresso Afoguard Frappuccino at Starbucks now. Sweetness tightening 🙆‍♀️ Sweaty walking around under the scorching sun . But wherever I go,people stare at me always.That’s why I’m used to it In the old days, I was worried about wanting to be normal and made it inconspicuous, but in the end it is the same. It ’s painful and if you hold it down, you ’re not yourself. So. I’m not myself if acting ordinary person.

👠 m\
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