Lyra Sky’s Monologue-Favorites vol.78

The number of followers increasesd strongly yesterday ⤴️ so I was very surprised at many numbers😳

And then I watched it the same  number of followers decreased now.

This weired behaviors always happened in sns. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I’ve experienced to get 100 followers oneday & they disappeared next day.
Is this common thing in here?

so I posted this my sweet man with being tremendous face now.

He’s looked like my ex sometimes.

#常田大希 #KingGnu #daikitsuneta #紅白歌合戦


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Lyra Sky’s Monologue- Favorite vol.74

①today’s HotelDay
Talking o’Hotel,remember #OverlookHotel I’ve been great fan of #StephanKing,read all his novels&watch all films!
I’d say no.1’s #TheShining
Comin’ #DoctorSleep nextweek
Play Danny…forever&ever 〜♪

☆about movies doctor sleep & shining→

☆about novels→

#ewanmcgregor #jacknicholson #ホテルの日


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和訳【Free Wheel Burning/ Judas Priest】グレン・ティプトンについて Happy Birthday Glenn Tipton!


色々あって遅くなってしまいましたが、10月25日はGlennTipton のお誕生日🎂

Happy 72th Birthday, Glenn Tipton! hope you smile everyday.



Judas Priest一かっこいい!

Sexy GuyのGlenn。


“和訳【Free Wheel Burning/ Judas Priest】グレン・ティプトンについて Happy Birthday Glenn Tipton!” の続きを読む