【Judas Priest/ Painkiller】和訳 Rob Halfordと言うHeroよ! Our Hero Rob Halford

Happy Birthday Rob God Halford! Your my heavy metal God always. It’s no exaggeration to say that I grew up with your music.All day& night you’ve given me courage & pleasure in my life. Thanks,Rob. Please take care & Live Long. Love You💕

Happy Birthday ロブ子!LyraのHM Godよ、70歳のお誕生日おめでとう㊗️

この日をお祝いできて嬉しい。HMバンドをやっていた時、いつもJudas Priestの歌を歌っていたから彼の歌は師匠みたいな尊敬の念を抱きながら聴いてしまう。どんな時も前向きなRob子が大好き。最高の歌い手、華やかなパフォーマー。優しい心遣いを持つジェントルマンで、皆んなに笑顔をくれるお茶目さん。Metal Godなのに素敵なおじ様だ。



と言うLyraのラブな気持ちも込めて、今日はMetal Godなロブ子の勇姿が見れる曲を和訳解説します〜。

ロブ子の音域の高さとパワフルさで人気が高い曲。誕生日向きではない歌詞(笑)かも知れないけど、最高なHeavy Metal Tuneです。

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Lyra Sky’s Monologue- Favorites vol.150

Blink182’s Always is a youth melody that makes you wiring your heart no matter how many times you listen ☀️ The lyrics are Well erotic (see my blog. I wrote about their lyrics bethe) 🤣 A song that makes you feel good 💕

👠【Always / blink-182】 和訳 Love Moment


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Lyra Sky’s Monologue- Favorites vol.148

I cooked very tasty Mapo Tofu and Chicken spareribs for dinner tonight😝 I always cooked super spicy, but today it ’s usually dry. Spicy mild green onion crispy matches this hot. I made Sesame oil less and Japanese pepper black pepper more! Eat the salad with potato salad I made (I forgot the photo) Enjoy 💕

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Lyra Sky’s Monologue- Favorites vol.147



1/3 roasted meat bought at Costco and Black pepper Sprinkle garlic dice and powder with version I made two kinds of wasabi soy sauce. I also made spinach butter & garlic grilled and mashed potatoes 💕 I baked a lot but still have beef ~ Awesome Costco 💕

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