Lyra Sky’s Monologue- Favorites vol.120

wow! amazing Result’s my 2020’s songs and bands!
I think that I’ve been more rocking than last year. there isn’t Selena in this, I always listen to her songs though. why? and where’s Jimi Hendrix? and the Doors? i and Though Soundgarden’s my no.1 of 2019, and now The Verve’r No.1 in 2020! I find I’ve loved Grunge Rock & u.k. rock truely.ha ha. I unexpected plowed by sponge’s No.1 tune I listend to .
1.The Verve
4.Chris Cornell
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Lyra Sky’s Monologue with Mads Mikkelsen vol.17

Mens in their 20’s & 50’s rearly love Lyra Sky.

(Game test result of  “Which generation love you?)

Come on〜❣️…


“Men their20’s & 50’s mad’bout Lyra Sky” this anser.

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和訳 Death Stranding【Ludens】Brind Me The Horizon MV付 本当の意味 Meanings o’Ludens




大人気【Death Stranding】の挿入歌で使われているのだ。

発売される前だから2〜3年前にこのブログで紹介した【Death Stranding】にまさか、この大好きなバンドが使われるとはね〜。


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Lyra Sky’s Monologue-Favorites vol.61

Lyra Sky is…

living with being gathered around by “Mushrooms”.


I remembered Brian Jones when I knew this Mashrooms of result.           I love Brian Joners.


Lyra’s been writing about Brian Jones 話 → 【I Wanna Be Your Man】 Rolling Stones 和訳 解説 Brian Jones’ Birthday! ブライアン・ジョーンズについて

#brianjones #therollingstones


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