Lyra Sky’s Monologue- Favorite vol.95

I can understand them hell‐bentting on selling their goods. But Is it strange he’s sending me DM as soon as we met (I don’t know him) & asking me buying his CD or his advertising, though in the habits of not doing good for me nor replying me? Because he’s not my friend. This his behavior just looks like coarse peddler. or black marketing. Be polite 🙏

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Lyra Sky’s Monologue- Favorites vol.90

1st picture is very poor Snoopy I drew it on my memo pad. and 2nd one’s divination of pc.It’s difficult free hand on PC.

I wanted to draw grinding Snoopy with opening his eyes widely.But I couldn’t use pen of PC as well.and I’ve not painted picture recently,so I can’t move my hand as I like before. I think I should paint picture everyday.🙅‍♀️

Test result → 91点
This is real Snoopy!

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Lyra Sky’s Monologue -Favorites vol.89

Cooked clam chowder because too cold today! I love blackpepper. sprinkled it with parsley. put white meats, spinaches, welsh onions and tomato sauce in a pan and add to consommé and syoyu for seasoning. and pancake! I regretted to choose big pan. might have using small one. 😆 But these’re so soft pancake that I cooked.I made it burn one during calling with a my friend.🤣
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和訳【Slide Away/The Verve】ザ ・ヴァーヴの完成型 Don’t you feel alive?

昨日のMy Birthday 記念で、取り上げようかと迷った数バンドのうちの一つが、このブログでお馴染みのこの方がいたThe Verve。

結局昨夜の気分が、Kate Bush、と言うか、名前つながりのタイトルでやりたくなったから急遽、変えてしまったの。

でもLyraが好きなのは、皆が名盤と選ぶ『Urban Hyms』じゃないのよ。



The Verveがまだ 「Verve」だった時。


今日は、My Birthday 記念2日目って感じに(笑)、LyraがThe Verve にハマった映像と共に、和訳しちゃうね。


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