和訳【Somebody To Love/ Queen】解説 Love Song’s Loved by Everybody 愛の歌

解説「より詳しい【Somebody To Love】の意味について」


作詞作曲は、ヴォーカルのFreddie Mercury 。彼は宗教的な歌詞を書くことが多いタイプ。この【Somebody To Love】もその傾向が強い歌詞だと思う。

Freddie は、ゾロアスター教の忠実な実践者だった。ゾロアスター教は至高の神の力に深く根ざしており、Freddie は彼が崇拝する神が彼に恋人を与えないことに不満を抱いているのだ。





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Freddie の憂鬱と孤独は彼らの犠牲になる。



彼は他の人が持っているかもしれない暖かさと魅力を欠いており、それが彼が愛する人を見つけるのにとても失敗している理由だと感じている。 彼はそれが彼にとってもっと簡単であることを望んでいるが、良い結果になる方法を見つけることができないのだ。

彼は「ノー」という言葉を聞くことに慣れているのだ。彼にとって勝利はなく、ただの敗北なのだ。おそらく、Freddie も途中で少し自分自身を失ったのだ。


I just gotta get out of this prison cell の、この部分は、性的指向に関連している可能性がある。


このように深く言葉を突き詰めていくと、この曲は、Freddie Mercuryと言う1人の男を浮き彫りにした曲なのだ。




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The Foo Fighters played Lollapalooza Festival in Argentina on March 20, and, as was a regular occurrence during their concerts, Hawkins swapped places with frontman Dave Grohl during the show.

Hawkins sang Queen’s ‘Somebody to Love’, as well as paying touching tribute to his bandmate.


about “Somebody To Love”

Mercury was religious; he was a faithful practitioner of Zoroastrianism. Zoroastrianism is deeply rooted in the power of a supreme god, and Freddie is frustrated that the God he worships will not grant him a lover.

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Zoroastrianists believe that doing good deeds is the only way to keep chaos at bay. Mercury proclaims that he’s always been faithful towards his God but still hasn’t been rewarded with love.

Throughout this song, the refrain “Can anybody find me somebody to love?” is used with a dual meaning. The obvious meaning is that he’s asking anybody in the world to find him a person he can love. The second meaning is a result of his insecurity at failing to find love. He’s wondering if there’s anybody in the world that would find him deserving of their love.
Also worth mentioning that this line has bisexual context, since it relates perfectly with the hardships on finding love with homophobia around.

Freddie Mercury’s depression and loneliness take their toll. It affects his everyday life, even waking up feels like a chore without someone there.

He works hard at his job – he works until exhaustion. Yet he laments that all of the money earned from hard work isn’t enough for him. He wants love in his life, mere money/income doesn’t cancel out the feelings of loneliness and longing for someone to share his life (and earnings) with. He wants someone to come home to after a long day, someone to provide for, and overall, someone that makes his work, and life, feel as if they have a purpose.

He feels really awkward when he talks to other people. He lacks the warmth and charm that other guys might have, and feels that is why he is so unsuccessful in finding someone to love.

He wishes it were easier for him, but can’t find any method to help his results.

He’s used to hearing the word “no” – there are no wins for him, just losses. Perhaps Mercury’s also lost a bit of himself along the way – the phrase “losing [their] beat” often refers to when someone gets lost with their identity.

This line could be related to sexual orientation. He’s living in a homophobic society that forces him to be someone he’s not, and he wishes to be free of that prison cell someday.



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